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World’s Richest Podcast Hosts | 2021 Updated

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Podcast Hosts

These podcasts are well researched, packaged beautifully and make their hosts quite a bit of cash.

Let’s highlight 15 Richest Podcast Hosts.

15: wtf:

wtf with marc maron is a weekly podcast and radio show launched in september 2009 and hosted by stand-up comedian mark maron the new york times and entertainment weekly have both written positive reviews for the show which receives roughly 250 000 downloads per episode notable moments on the show include todd glass coming out pete davidson from snl admitting he had borderline personality disorder and mandy moore admitting her marriage to ryan adams was entirely unhealthy and emotionally abusive these notable moments mean that marin earns around fourteen thousand seven hundred dollars per episode.

14: Cum Town:

New York city-based comedians nick mullen stavros and adam friedland started their controversial podcast in 2016.

Just sharing the name of the most recent episode suck dictionary should give you plenty of ideas as to why the guys often face backlash just in case the name come down wasn’t enough yes it’s vulgar yes it’s juvenile and yes it makes the guys a decent amount of pocket money the boys banter and mess around mostly unscripted and it nets them over fifty thousand dollars a month and a luxurious if you’d like to net a decent monthly salary but you’re willing to use the word come in your business name.

13: Doughboys:

We head to a food source of much more satisfying proportions and introduce you to doughboys mike mitchell and nick weiger indulge in food from various fast food chains and offer honest reviews of their tastings they love to whine and dine and expect the odd argument or two but all for a common good cause delicious food it’s estimated the guys earn as much as 58 000 a month but they’re keeping their exact earnings as safely tucked away as parents with a secret stash of chocolate.

12: Tiny Meat Gang:

Social media influencers cody ko and noel miller found fame on vine and when that died they continued their comedy by creating tiny meat gang like the introduction to their podcast says they’ll make you laugh hopefully episodes range from leave brittany alone to royal family takedown they’ve done exceptionally well with their brand have added live events merch and original music to their umbrella and are earning more than fifty thousand dollars a month.

11: The Last Podcast On The Left:

It’s a celebration for hosts ben kissel marcus parks and henry zabrowski who successfully completed 10 years on air as podcast hosts on the 29th of march 2021.

Serial killers conspiracy theories ufo sightings ghosts and creepypastas are all the norm on this hugely popular and successful twice weekly podcast it’s the type of podcast that lures you in with actual recordings of true cannibals serial killers and criminals with the scariest crime records you’ve ever heard of there’s merch there’s books and there’s live shows and all of this brings in close to 60k a month.

10: Second Captain’s World Service:

When there’s five of you involved in a podcast series it’s far easier to release something every day which is exactly what the irish guys do from second captain’s world service this podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in ireland and covers every topic under the sun expect politics sports news and humor lots and lots of humor owen mcdevitt ken early mark hogan kieran murphy and simon hick formed second captains in 2013 a media company that also does live shows and television it’s the fourth most popular podcast on patreon and to listen to the show you need to pay a monthly fee of roughly 5.55 cents the team earn more than 60 000 a month and as vice said about the show probably the world’s best football podcast.

9: Smart Passive Income:

Pat flynn is all about passive income some call his claims a bit bs but he’s definitely worth a listen he brings in a plethora of guests who all back up his methodology and encourage you to work on earning a passive income we love this idea of sustainable success because that’s the ultimate goal isn’t it flynn was ranked as one of the top 10 podcasts on itunes business category and is said to earn roughly one hundred thousand dollars a month through two podcasts take his advice to heart your earnings are a by product of how well you serve your audience and you can only best serve your audience when you know exactly who you are what they’re going through and what will get them to take action. we highly recommend you take a listen to his four and a half star rated book on audible.com called will it fly how to test your next business idea so you don’t waste your time and money.

8: Chapeau Trap House:

Hosts will maniker matt christman felix biederman amber alifrost and virtual texas are the team that entertain you on the chapo trap house podcast twice a week the team are strongly associated with the dirt bag left, if you’ve never heard of this term it was coined on this show by amber and according to urban dictionary refers to a style of left-wing politics that eschews civility for its own sake in favor of subversive populist vulgarity there are free episodes which you can hear but when you become a subscriber you get access to exclusive content in 2017 subscribers brought in a monthly income of 60k for the hosts and by february 2020 they were earning 160 000 a month making them the highest grossing users on patreon.

7: This Week In Tech:

Also called twit is hosted by leo laporte and various other panelists in the tech industry the program began in 2005 when laporte recorded a round-table discussion he had with patrick norton sarah norton kevin rose david prager and roger chang at the 2005 mac world expo in san francisco he published the show people loved it and he continued the trend the most recent broadcast delved into the 69 million jpeg rural internet getting a boost and netflix password sharing crackdown be sure to watch our video 10 things you didn’t know about nfts for more details on that highly expensive jpeg twit makes fifty thousand dollars per episode and has won several awards including two podcast awards the people’s choice and best technology podcast.

6: The Bill Simmons Podcast – The Ringer:

Sports lovers know this is a go-to podcast hosted by american sports columnist analyst and author ben simmons simmons doesn’t lack on experience having worked for abc espn and jimmy kimmel live his podcast is the most downloaded sports podcast of all time and it’s rumored that spotify bought the ringer for 300 million dollars in 2020 at the time the ringer had 90 writers working on content celebrity net worth says simmons net worth is 100 million dollars and the ringer earns around 15 million dollars a year he gives some solid advice alexers don’t worry about what other people are doing worry about what you’re doing.

5: The Adam Corolla Show:

Your host of the adam corolla show is you guessed it comedian adam carolla who launched the show in 2009 and it quickly became one of the most popular podcasts ever the show made it into the guinness world record book for being the most downloaded podcast receiving close to 60 million downloads between march 2009 and march 2011. he also made history with 1.1 million live video streams of the show the podcast led to him branching out into other avenues including corolla drinks merch and events corolla has just renewed his podcast deal with podcast 1 until 2023 his net worth is around 20 million dollars.

4: Armchair Expert:

Dax shepard is your host of this hugely popular podcast that airs once a week this podcast is all about celebrating the messiness of being human his first guest was his wife uh but his wife is kristin bell so it was bound to be a hit the show made it onto vulture’s list of 2018’s best comedy podcasts and the crew have filmed several podcasts in front of live audiences shepard’s net worth is estimated at 40 million dollars according to celebrity net worth and the show brought in nine million dollars in revenue in 2019.

3: The Dave Ramsey Show:

He also goes by the name of finance guru dave ramsey is an astute businessman and author and has amassed a huge following on his podcast where the average 13 million people listen weekly he shares easy to understand and practical financial and budgeting advice he features on over 600 radio stations and relies on the old school style of broadcasting remember the days when people used to call into a radio station to ask a question we barely do either but we promise it did happen the show earned 10 million dollars in 2019 and ramsay’s net worth is around 200 million dollars.

2: My Favorite Murder:

35 million downloads a month with popularity rising and dozens of live shows under their belt karen kilgariff and georgia hard stark have managed to make the grim and grisly highly entertaining they’ve been growing since 2006 and all crimes featured on the show really happened as unbelievable as some of them are the hosts have built a murderino fan base who adore them and the podcast has been featured in entertainment weekly the atlantic nylon and rolling stone magazine they give sound advice often like if you meet a person and you get the weird feeling in your gut absolutely trust yourself and get out of there and pepper spray first and apologize later they earn around 15 million dollars a year on the show with karen kilgariff’s net worth at 20 million dollars and georgia heart stark also at 20 million.

1: The Joe Rogan Experience:

Exclusive to spotify is our highest earning podcast host joe rogan he’s been hosting the joe rogan experience since 2009 and the show delves into the lives of anybody and everybody with a net worth of 100 million dollars rogan has made his revenue across several platforms with the podcast earning him 30 million dollars in 2019. in 2020 he signed an exclusive licensing deal worth an estimated 100 million dollars with spotify and it’s estimated this could earn him up to 75 000 per episode not everyone loves his opinion but love him or hate him he’s officially the highest earning podcaster at the moment so i guess his opinion is definitely worth something.

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

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