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Virginia Woolf | Biography, Books, Death, & Facts 2021

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Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf

  • Woolf in 1902



  • 28 March 1941 (aged 59)
  • Lewes, England


  • Novel Writer
  • Essay Writer
  • Publisher
  • Critic

Alma Mater:

Notable Works:





Virginia Woolf Signature

Virginia Woolf was born in London England. In 1882 she was the daughter of Julia Duckworth and Lesley Stephen.

They were a large bustling family that resided at 22 Hyde Park Gate the family experienced multiple tragedies including the death of Virginia’s mother in 1895 and a Half-brothers sexually molested her two years later beloved sister died in childbirth and her father died in 1904.

Followed by a brother in 1906 after her father’s death she moved to Bloomsbury where she became part of the Bloomsbury group they were known for their intellectual conversations and open sexuality they were a group of artists and essay writers.

It is here that she met and married Leonard Woolf in 1912 together they bought hold Garth house and started Hogarth press where they printed and published books by TS Eliot Virginia Leonard and other notable writers.

Virginia met the essay writer Vita Sackville-west in the early 1920s. Vita encouraged Virginia to write and the two had a love affair that lasted for ten or twelve years.

Virginia started to experiment with her writing where she abandoned linear writing in favour of stream-of-consciousness monologues as well as identity personal relationships ships and human suffering.

Mrs Dalloway was published in 1925 and then in 1928. She published Orlando in part consoling her friend Vita who lost her childhood home because she was a woman.

The property went to a cousin a male heir. In 1929 she published a Room of One’s Own which was about being a writer and having a workspace all to yourself.

She was a prolific writer she committed suicide in 1941 by entering a river with her pockets weighed down by stones.

Her last known writing was her suicide letter to her husband Leonard where she professed her love and happy life to him.

She suffered with depression on and off all of her life but it was not publicly known until after her death.

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