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Some Basic Features of Every Website

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Some Basic Features of Every Website

Now having a website is very much important to make sure the strong online presence of your website. Either you are running a restaurant, and online service provider, attorney firm or any smaller business. It’s the world of digital boost everywhere so if your business is not present online then there is no advantage of it.

Here I’m going to discuss some of the important features of website design and development that every website should have to make it credible before the potential users. Your website is actually the online sales person before your potential users so it should be very effective, perfectly designed and developed, functional as well as having the best user experience. Otherwise the user will leave your website and will never come back.

Expertise areas

The people want to know about your expertise regarding products and services that how you are unique rather than your competitors and they are landing on the right spot for best ever services. For example, if you have a website designing and development company , you have to add all of the services like web design, web development, logo design, digital marketing, Search engine optimization and all you are offering.You have to add all the information in a very effective way to convince your users that your company is better than the other ones.


Either you are providing services or products attractive images always plays an important role and give the best impression in overall website design.One more thing you also have to add pictures of main team of your company because people wants to see your faces to give a more reliable impression. Try to hire a professional person to get perfect photos for your website.


A testimonial page on the website basically represents the quality and achievements of a site’s products or services. A testimonial can include customer experiences, case Studies and customer Photos. It’s a very powerful and effective method of marketing on the website. It helps to establish trust and encourage the visitors on your site to buy your products or avail the services for maximum outputs and growth. For example, if your company is providing services regarding web development and design in Dubai then you have to add the reviews of your clients who are perfectly satisfied from your business to attract more and more clients.

Contact Information

Adding contact information on your website is very important. Your contact information should be at the top of every page, and it needs to be clickable so that people on their phones can click to call. You also have to make a very simple contact form. People don’t like complicates things so make it simple so they can easily contact you.

SSL encryption

The clients are usually very much concerned about the security issues. So, make sure that every piece of information is secured. One another factor of using encryption is that Google uses encryption as a ranking factor. So, try to use it for multiple advantage and purposes.

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