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Naruto: Things You Never Knew About Konoha Leaf Village

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Naruto Leaf Village World Changes Before Boruto Begins

The naruto leaf village has changed drastically since the end of Naruto’s story. He fought on the front lines for years, and a new generation inherited everything he left behind.

This is how things have changed in Konoha before Boruto begins…

The Hokage Office now has a data processing system with electronic files and folders as well as photocopiers (for paper filing). The old man can’t quite get the hang of it all.

There are more classrooms and training grounds now, so those buildings were erected (to counterbalance them). The Academy is also larger thanks to a student boom after the war finally ended. Hinata helped design these additions, giving her name a lot of clouts she didn’t have before.

The town has become more peaceful, so its size is growing thanks to the influx of people coming from all over the world. There are more homes and stores and a greater variety of restaurants too. With this economic prosperity comes a new bout of corruption in the form of businesses that hire spies or muscle out the competition, thus causing some ninja to get involved in undercover or even open combat operations to maintain order (or to create it).

Despite this, most people live well enough for themselves…but not those with great power who struggle to find meaning in their existence without fighting on the front lines…just like Naruto did himself…

His son Boruto still trains under Konohamaru at the, but he spends a lot of his time gaming. Naruto almost feels like the guy is wasting his potential…

The biggest monument to memorialize the Fourth Hokage and his legacy is a statue in the center of town, placed in front of the Sarutobi clan home. The residents decided that it would be good for morale if they all had a reminder of him right at their doorsteps. This was controversial though since some wanted immortality while others felt it was cheapening the man’s memory. In the end, they compromised with an old-fashioned design more suited to an ancient hero than someone who died young, but it still conveyed power through its sheer size as well as its intentional placement near businesses and homes (which made everyone feel safe).

There’s an academy in the Hidden Sand Village, too…but it got overrun by 40 other ninja kids who were born after Naruto died. So they hired a young teacher from Konoha to help manage them…who is also someone with a lot of experience fighting and teaching at the same time…

But the two schools compete heavily on their students’ academic studies as well as their physical training (both for academy credit and overall skill). Boruto was very adamant about this since he felt that his father wasn’t taken seriously because he was basically treated like a joke during his own student days. This means there are some serious rivalries between those students not to mention outright wars between teachers’ factions (tournaments, practice matches, etc.). Boruto is caught in the middle of all this but feels he has an advantage over his peers: he works with his father every day!

The Hidden Leaf Village is still under construction, so it hasn’t changed much…yet. But there are plans to fix that, thanks to a new mayor who wants to change everything about the place (for more businesses and more homes). This has gotten everyone involved…including some ninja from other villages.

And once again issues have arisen between those residents with power and influence on one side…and everyone else on the other side…

As for Naruto himself? He’s been trying as hard as anyone can imagine since he became Hokage. It’s not easy being a single father, so he tries to make it easier by training with his son as much as possible. He also has meetings, attends ceremonies and conferences for official business (including village security), but most of the time is spent doing administrative work.

Old friends are returning home on vacations or just passing through (such as Jiraiya and Tsunade). Then there’s Rock Lee who comes around every once in a while to help Naruto train Boruto.

Plus many ninjas from Konoha have gone out into the world at large, becoming teachers at other places or working for businesses like shipwrights that need guys who can swim underwater! Some even went abroad to do missions…or something more mysterious since they didn’t come back. That’s why Konoha has only one ninja per family limit for the time being (to lessen the risk for everyone).

Meanwhile, old enemies like Otsutsuki Kaguya are stirring up trouble in other dimensions, creating fear among villages and prompting various clans to develop new weaponry or techniques to help prepare them for future threats. Plus word of some strange creatures coming out of nowhere…and certain ninjas taking advantage of this panic to start wars they formerly had no chance at winning.

And then there’s that whole issue with a mysterious boy named Shin Uchiha who left home without warning. …That was two years ago…and he hasn’t returned since! Yes, many people have been worried about his well-being.

Meanwhile Uzumaki Boruto, the Bolt of Lightning (the first formal last name he took) is a young ninja with a strong sense of justice. He’s got something of an attitude problem but he knows what he wants and has tried to make every effort to improve himself…even when it means working extra hard outside of school or risking his own safety. Plus he gets some special help from someone who is not only connected to the Leaf Village but also shares some similarities with his father…and just happens to be very fond of him in general!

This doesn’t mean all is perfect for Boruto though: there are still remnants of Kaguya’s army out there somewhere, including some powerful ones. They wish to conquer the world and will go to any length in order to achieve that goal!

And then there’s Konohamaru, who is currently the leader of a group of ninja known as Team 7 plus one more (if you include the loyal Akita puppy named Koromaru). They’re all grown-ups in their twenties now with families…but they still try to be ninja whenever possible considering the danger they face these days. Just recently one kid on their team was taken away by an enemy so your first priority is rescuing him! …That means it’s time for another field trip!

Speaking of family members: Sarada Uchiha is trying hard but she just doesn’t feel comfortable in her own skin. She’s always looking for approval and feeling upset with herself if she can’t accomplish something on her own, but she still has some skill regarding marksmanship thanks to training with her father Sasuke Uchiha (and Rock Lee).

And then there is Mitsuki, a young half fox/demon who looks like he could be related to Naruto. He has been traveling the world assisting other villages that have problems of their own…but now he’s back working as a Leaf Village ninja alongside Boruto because they’ve both been called into action!

But enough about others: maybe you care more about what happened to Uzumaki Naruto himself? Well…things turned out pretty well I suppose!

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