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Mighty Valkyries New Marvel Gods Are Being Created in Comics

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Mighty Valkyries New Marvel Gods Are Being Created in Comics

Hela is a goddess who rules the underworld, and Loki has never been one to let things go. He discovers that her wife has raised new gods in Helheim, so he decides to strike out on an adventure with his friends Thor and Odin – just for kicks really!

During a preview for the Mighty Valkyries, it’s revealed that new gods are being created in Marvel Universe. The former God of Lies Loki just discovered that Hela’s wife Karnilla is secretly raising triplets to become a pantheon–though what they plan on doing with this power remains unclear.

The formation of new gods will have to remain on the back burner for now, as both Jane Foster’s Valkyrie and ancient Valkyrie Rūna are facing unique challenges. For example, while they’re each fighting in their own battles here on Earth or out in space respectively, it looks like Jane is going to be busy with her day job at least until she finds a way home from Sakaar.

The Mighty Valkyries have been saved from Hela’s wrath by a black hole. The love-obsessed goddess is back, and her first step was to banish all the gods that had abandoned Asgard in one of their greatest times of need.

Mighty Valkyries New Marvel Gods Are Being Created in Comics

In earlier issues of The Mighty Valkyries: A Thor Comic Book Series From Writer Jason Aaron And Artist Torunn Grønbekk With Artists Mattia De Iulis & Erica D’Urso, it seemed like death would finally take down our heroes when they tried fighting an evil Mad Titan named Thanos… but then came help from within! It was actually Hela herself who ended up being captured inside Thano’s own deadly vortex after she attempted to save him. The Goddess of Death was not happy to return home, as she could sense that her wife Karnilla and Loki’s grandson Hati had gone missing. The wolf Skoll has also disappeared in the bodies of both wolves!

In Marvel Comics’ The Mighty Valkyries #3, Loki seeks the answer to his grandchildren’s escape from Hel. It seems as though he finds it in Karnilla, who gave More and their children freedom after she traded him for Urdarbrunnr water that would allow her create life again.

Thor finds herself in the company of her family on a mission to find and defeat their brother Loki. Along this journey, Thor discovers new gods who are just as fearsome but also mysteriously connected to them through unknown means.

Thor is back with some help from all kinds of powerful beings that you won’t want to miss!

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