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Marvel’s Hyperion Just Discovered His Kryptonite, And it’s Vibranium

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Marvel's Hyperion Just Discovered His Kryptonite, And it's Vibranium

Hyperion’s true weakness in the Heroes Reborn Universe was first revealed by Marvel Comics: Captain America’s shield, which is made of a metal that can block Hyperion’s power.

Hyperion feels weak when fighting the Avengers in Wakanda, and this is because Hyperion’s Kryptonite is vibranium. In the grand finale of the Heroes Reborn event, he faces off against Captain America, who sends him to his knees with one hit before Thor knocks him out.

Agent Coulson and Mephisto’s plans to alter reality have been revealed, as it turns out that they were behind the Heroes Reborn event. The Squadron Supreme are Earth’s greatest heroes in this alternate timeline where Marvel’s Avengers do not exist. Hyperion is shown to be weak against Captain America when he confronts him in a fight. It has also just come to light that vibranium- which was used by the Black Panther for his suit – is Superman’s kryptonite!

Marvel's Hyperion Just Discovered His Kryptonite, And it's Vibranium

Thor says that he now knows Hyperion’s one weakness is mead and that the vibranium has weakened his power. Thor swings at Agent Coulson, but Captain America stops the hammer in midair with a shield. The two fight while Iron Man rescues Falcon from an attack by the Black Panther, who was working for Hydra all along!

Nighthawk, a member of the Squadron Supreme and Hyperion’s teammate, says, “I think you broke both your hands.” The two were in an early conversation. Hyperion replies that he already knew about his weakness, as they came from his homeworld when it exploded. He jokes with Nighthawk, saying if some radiation kills him, then so be it, because at least he got to see what life would have been like had there never been anything wrong with their world anyway. However, this will all be broken up for them soon enough after Sersi comes back into our reality too!

In the original reality, Hyperion was not so much of a Superman-esque character and his power levels were more in line with someone such as Captain America. The reason for this is that he never came into contact with vibranium on Earth. In Coulson’s world, however, there are many instances where both Marvel’s heroes and villains have come head to-face against each other while wearing vibranium armor or using it to fight their battles from afar. This made him extremely vulnerable to most attacks because of how well they conduct energy within themselves – even though these metals only exist on alternate worlds like Coulson created when something goes wrong during an experiment gone awry!

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