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Is Batman Worthy To Lift Thor’s Hammer, Mjolnir?

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Is Batman Worthy To Lift Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir?

There are several facts that that DC Trinity lifted Mjolnir at some point, so the question is: Can Batman also do it?

It has been shown that Superman and Wonder Woman are capable of raising Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, several times over and, during those instances, it has been shown. They fulfill the requirements of dignity and of Thor’s might because of who they are. This begs the question of whether this dignity extends to the third member of the trinity, Batman. While he is, without a doubt, one of the biggest heroes in the world, the Dark Knight is deserving and unworthy of many things.

Batman is a completely unbiased character.Even under enormous pressure and tension, he sticks to his ideals. He encounters the worst that mankind has to offer at night and never wavers, no matter how awful his opponents are. And yet he also cares for the kids that have suffered in the world, just like he has, and raises them up not to be like him, but to be better, despite the fact that he’s always been so frigid.

Batman has exhibited worthiness in other ways as well. He sat on the Mobius Chair and wielded it to fight crime at a more effective level. But that one is a poor qualifier as anyone can sit in the Mobius Chair. A better test would be the time in which Batman used a power ring, proving he had the strength of will to overcome great fear and become a Green Lantern. Granted, both of these scenarios are of a different kind of worth, but nevertheless, they prove that he is an exceptional person. And nearly everyone who has ever lifted Mjolnir was exceptional.

But Batman rejected all the temptations of all the lives he had saved, as well as all the evidence that he was cut off above the rest.He fights crime, but he has never really healed because of the trauma. It comes from a place of wrath, not merely giving. Superman and Wonder Woman decided that it was the proper thing to do because of heroes, while Batman did it out of grief.

And suddenly, his weaknesses were there. Bruce was seduced in the past and he is not unfailing, as the huge multiverse proves. He can be broken by the right pressure. He has murdered himself in certain worlds, and there’s no telling what could happen if the conditions in the mainstream occurred to him. And to those who were closest to him, he was not always fair. He has some issues with his confidence, but only a few.The rest he maintains in his arms, and his paranoia is not entirely safe for those who he trusts.

There is, however, no checklist of worthiness in the case of Mjolnir. History demonstrates that over the course of their lifetimes, people can slip in and out of the dignity category. If even Thor can, for a time, be considered unworthy, there is truly no way to say who is fit to handle the hammer, and who is fit. At its finest, Batman may lift Mjolnir, but probably couldn’t shift it an inch on its darkest nights.

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