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The Era of Corrugated Packaging is here!

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Era of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated Packaging has emerged as a revolutionary packaging material with its added flexibility and multipurpose usage. It is a versatile packaging style that befits all products ranging from textile products, food items to pharmaceutical goods and beverages.

Easy Shipment and Storage efficient

Corrugated packaging is evidently an ideal solution in achieving time-efficient shipment of your products due to its superb lightweight formulation. Shipping requires hauling products, and unlike wooden boxes, corrugated packaging allows smoother and safer movement of your products.


Production protection is our utmost priority. To ensure the protection of your products we provide corrugated packaging that is durable and has optimum cushioning properties, in the case of unwanted impact. The corrugated packaging preserves and protects the contents of the products from external harm and exposure to elements such as moisture and sunlight etc.  In addition to this, quality assurance tests are conducted by leading specialists from team Roshan to ensure the durability of the packaging.


Corrugated packaging is extremely flexible and adaptable to meet the obligations of the customer. Our manufacturing capability enables us to produce a multitude of shapes and sizes to package products in its most suitable measurements. The die-cut inserts and divisions make the packaging of fragile products safer and easier. Additionally, the print-friendly surface of corrugated packaging boxes allows Roshan Packages Limited to provide brands with the option to customise according to their brand appeal. Therefore, Roshan Packages Limited offers made-to-order corrugated packaging boxes with print-options for every customer’s needs.


Roshan Packages Limited’s corrugated solutions are reputed for providing quality assurance according to the customer’s requirements. It maintains the quality of your packaged products during long hauls. Renowned brands like Unilever and Pepsi Co are our long-standing and loyal clients who have firmly placed their trust and confidence in our corrugated packaging means. We have consistently demonstrated our work ethic and trustworthiness in our products and can assure you that you can count on us!


Most of International Company to minimise the costs incurred to both our customers and the environment. Corrugated packaging is less costly compared to alternative means of packaging as it has lower productions costs. It gives the customer an affordable and price-competitive solution to all packaging queries. Corrugated packaging is produced from an easily bio-degradable material which is innocuous to the environment and is recyclable for re-use.

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