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Dwayne Johnson: Black Adam Reveals Best Look Yet at Himself In Costume as DC Villain

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Black Adam Set Photo Gives First Look at Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is giving us a sneak peek of what he will be wearing in the upcoming movie. The actor has been confirmed for Bryan Singer’s Shazam! and teased that we could expect something different than what you might see from other superhero films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016).

The image of Black Adam from behind is immediately recognizable. You can feel the size and scale that our movie will have with all its props, scenery, and actors in full costume. The detail on his suit makes it seem more like a “real-life” superhero rather than one you would see at Disney World or Universal Studio’s parks as he walks around among set pieces. There are many people working to create this world but none bigger than him because he needs to be larger than life for audiences to appreciate how powerful he really is!

“Recently, in the DC Universe, there has been a power shift. And while superheroes haven’t killed bad guys traditionally-Black Adam does.”

“It’s not just about physical strength and being able to fly,” he said of Black Adam during an interview with Empire Magazine. “I think what Zack Snyder was trying to do is say that we are all superhumans if you get angry enough or have some baggage.”

Dwayne Johnson continuing on his social media account: “As long as I am around this universe will always be evolving!”

Black Adam - Dwayne Johnson
Black Adam – Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson exercises his Black Adam physique with a strict diet and protein-filled workout regimen. Citing director Jaume Collet-Serra’s cutting edge, intricate shots in the upcoming movie adaptation of Shazam!, The Rock has been sharing plenty of behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram to show how much hard work he has put into it himself.

For example, just recently Dwayne shared an image from the set showing him flexing for the camera while praising both Collet Sera and cinematographer Lawrence Sher who helped make this all possible by designing these very detailed pictures that highlight every muscle move as well as giving us some insight onto what we can expect during combat sequences!

Black Adam – Official Teaser (2021) Dwayne Johnson

The VFX team used Bjoern Rehbein to track the muscles of Black Adam. This was possible due to white tracking dots applied on “very specific areas” on his body, which allowed them intense activations and movements in order for him to rage against enemies.

An upcoming Black Adam movie was just announced, and it will be introducing fans to the Justice Society of America. Even better than that is how we know this includes Doctor Fate!

Acclaimed director Jaume Collet-Serra has assembled an all-star cast to bring the DC Comics character Black Adam, played by Dwayne Johnson, to life on screen for the first time. His formidable team includes Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher and Aldis Hodge in his first major role since TV’s Underground alongside Pierce Brosnan who stars as Doctor Fate. The film also features Quintessa Swindell (Cyclone), Sarah Shahi (Adrianna Tomaz) together with Mo Amer and Marwan Kenzari – both of whom will be making their Hollywood debuts this year!

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