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Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s Secret Weakness That He CANNOT Heal From

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Deadpool: Wade Wilson's

Deadpool was born a normal human. He eventually became a professional contractor and gun-for-hire with one of the world’s most incredible healing factors. With powers generated from the DNA of Wolverine, Wade Wilson can recover injured or damaged body tissue much quicker than Wolverine. Deadpool has suffered wounds such as dismemberment, gunshot wounds, and shark attacks.The merc has a history of nearly every possible injury, a trademark smirk, and a brilliant sense of style.

Deadpool’s ability to survive for centuries has survived nearly all kinds of illness, poison, and destruction. However, a procedure has shown that the destruction of Deadpool is efficient: the complete destruction of your body with acid.

While an extremely corrosive liquid such as acid is powerful enough to kill most, it is a rare and efficient way to stop Deadpool. One of the alternating realms of Battleworld, the Secret Wars tie-in with Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos was a timeline, in which Dracula beat Deadpool in its fatal duel. At first, Deadpool was sure of his recovery – when he told Dracula to throw out his body in strong acid. This clone of Deadpool was able to destroy, confirmed by his eventual ghost return.

Taskmaster and Bullseye in the Marvel Universe mainstream had a similar concept during Gerry Dugan and Mike Hawthorne’s The Despicable Deadpool cases. Deadpool gave himself a huge bounty while recovering from grief after losing everything he knew. Taskmaster and Bullseye were closer to the target when they thought that somebody would finally find a way to destroy him and win the award.

The assassins draw on their extensive knowledge of Deadpool to finally focus on the complicated idea, to cast it into a woodchipper and feed the remains to a pirah school until the voracious sea creatures are incinerated. Although they don’t get the opportunity to see if this scheme succeeds, the premise that acid works in Secret Wars come with it and even Deadpool is persuaded that it will destroy him.

Likewise, in Thunderbolts # 26, an unforeseen depression in lava during Deadpool’s tenure in Thunderbolts seems to have destructed him, crushing entirely his body and preventing him from recovering even from a single cell, by altering his history just to keep his squad from being wiped out. Thunderbolt Ross was the only one who could have killed him in Thunderbolts # 26. It may be a hard job, but it seems the only sure-few way to kill the disturbed, but still, the funny anti-hero is to completely destroy Deadpool.

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