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Bucky’s New MCU White Wolf Costume Could Look Like

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Bucky's MCU White Wolf Costume Could Look Like

After the Comic-Con trailer revealed that Bucky’s alter ego will be Captain America in Infinity War, an artist reimagined what he might look like as The Falcon and Winter Soldier.

In this new piece of fan art, artist Sebastian B-W takes a stab at imagining what The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes could look like in his White Wolf costume. Similar to his arc in the comics, Bucky’s reveal as Captain America: The Winter Soldier was one step on the brainwashed super soldier’s path to redemption.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier explores how Sam Wilson inherits Steve Rogers’ shield after he retires. The series finale has a screen that reads “Captain America & the Winter Soldier,” meaning when Captain America retired from his superhero identity to run for president in 2020, it was up to Bucky Barnes as well as Sam Wilson (who is also known by other names such as “The Falcon”) and Black Widow with their own missions not related specifically to Cap’s life or death mission.

Bucky's MCU White Wolf Costume Could Look Like

In Marvel Studio’s newest show on Netflix titled ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier,’ we follow former Avenger turned new hero of New York City -the falcon- through his struggles both politically during this time where there is an uncertain position. 

Bucky has finally succeeded in assassinating everyone on his list, but he and the Falcon have not abandoned their old names. Why?

Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson were once two of America’s greatest heroes—the White Wolf who patrolled Wakanda with Captain America during WWII, one-time leader of Team Avengers; the other a flying ace known as The Falcon. They joined forces again to defeat HYDRA’s latest incarnation: run by an undead Bucky himself! In spite of this success though it seems that they both want more than just revenge for what was done to them – so much so that neither man is willing abandon their old identities even after defeating all those responsible!

This creative post from Instagram user Spdrmnky XXIII has been catching people’s attention for the past few weeks. The artist imagines what Bucky could look like as a human in future MCU movies, with Sam wearing his Captain America costume and Bucky dressed all white to represent who he was before Steve Rogers gave him back himself through the super soldier serum (as opposed to how black represents death). Check out this art below!

The digital artist behind @spdranmmnkxxiii on Instagram recently shared some of their artwork imagining what it would be like if Marvel’s beloved character, White Wolf aka James Buchanan Barnes AKA Bucky AKA Winter Soldier had more screen time or even starred in upcoming films themselves

Bucky’s story arc in the comics is largely unchanged; however, he has gone by many names. In addition to his name as The Winter Soldier and Captain America, Bucky was also known as White Wolf for a time before being killed off at Marvel Comics’ Civil War event series of 2006-2007 – which may not have been such a bad thing considering that it led him back into Cap’s arms when Steve Rogers returned from the dead following Secret Wars II (1985).

In both comic books and movies alike, Bucky Barnes aka: James Buchanan Barnes aka: William Burnside Jr. just can’t seem to shake all those aliases! 

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