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Aquaman Just Use His Most Horrific Attack Without Using Water

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Aquaman may be underwater at his best, but he is also a warrior king, as he just proved with an epic attack against powerful villain Brutus.

Arthur Curry’s Aquaman Just Use His Most Horrific Attack Without Using Water in the current issue of DC Comics’ Justice League, without needing water or sea life. The League has disbanded after traveling to another dimension to confront their new nemesis Brutus, leaving Aquaman alone.However, the family that takes him in provides him with an astonishing method of retaliation, despite the fact that he is not near any body of water, Arthur’s primary source of strength.

The Justice League has been fighting the interdimensional “mega power ‘Brutus, which comes from the very same universe as Naomi McDuffie, the new hero who was also ranked as a Mega-power in the world of the Czech Republic, formerly written by Brian Michal Bendis and illustrator David Marquez. The villain has confronted the heroes many times, only to be forced back through the portals of his own, to return to his own bleak home world in the search for the League’s Earth that would be his own. The Justice League has recently decided to chase Brutus, trying to take him for good more proactively. But it proved a rather huge error, when their arrival saw them divided and their capabilities increased substantially, making them difficult to govern.

Aquaman, sent via the flash to the dimension of Brutus, wakes up at the home of a family that has taken him in. While the husband and father of the family, Gondor, are just as inquisitive as he is to himself, they confess that he had saved Arthur, as ordered by this great and worst monster on earth, Zumbado, from an area known as the “No Zone.” While Aquaman was unhappy to find out at first that no surrounding water sources could be detected, he ended up ultimately finding a solution to combat this: driving a gigantic tank to damage Brutus.

In spite of Brutus managing to take out Superman and Black Adam with ease, he surely appears like he is inflicting a lot of damage on the villain in his new war machine. In addition, it buys time to arrive there and support its supporters for Wonder Woman’s mother Hippolyta and Barry Allen’s Flash. Although Aquaman had already opened his epic “Wall of Sharks” onslaught against Brutus in a previous issue, several fans have forgotten that Arthur was a tremendously strong and long-lasting warrior, even without his underwater skills.

While Aquaman is surely an amazing moment in Brutus, piloting a tank and firing its big cannon, the troubles of the Justice League look like they are far away. The question concludes with the entrance of Zumbado, the massively powerful conqueror and the monster who murdered the parents of Naomi. Given the Justice League’s recent battle with Brutus, the heroes’ squad is likely to face a high-stakes battle, and they will be grateful to have an Aquaman, no matter how far from the sea he is.

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