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15 Things You Didn’t Know About Forbes | 2021

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1# The Forbes Story Began In Scotland: 

The Forbes dynasty might have found wide success on American shores but the family’s roots can be traced back across the Atlantic to bonny Scotland Bertie Charles for BC for short was born in a buck in Scotland in 1880 the son of a humble beer shop owner and the tailor with a natural talent for words a young VC took a job as a pipe compositor with the Peter head Sentinel. 

However with a growing enthusiasm for journalism bc soon outgrew his position and in 1904 after a brief period in South Africa, he made the huge decision to change his life and headed to New York City where he worked for free at the Journal of Commerce and commercial bulletin after a successful stint at William Randolph Hearst New York American paper where he was earning the equivalent of one hundred and eighty five thousand dollars bc left to set up his own publication and the Forbes magazine was born Forbes is the USA oldest business magazine and celebrates its 10th in 2017.

2# Casper Weinberger Was Chairman Of Forbes: 

Casper Weinberger Is most well known for his period as US Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan between 1981 and 1987 he’s the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth after his distinguished political career he joined Forbes Inc in 1989 and became president in 1993 and on the same subject of links with the US government Steve Forbes whose real full name is Malcolm Stevenson Forbes the grandson of bc Forbes and current chairman and editor-in-chief is a two-time US presidential candidate for the Republican Party losing on the first occasion to Bob Dole and on the second to George W Bush.

3# The Forbes Family Owned Forbes Media For 97 Years Until 2013: 

Few major companies these days can claim to be still in the family but Forbes is still 49% owned by the fourth dynasty the 51% controlling interest in the magazine and Forbesmedia as an entity was purchased by HongKong’s integrated asset management in 2014 Bloomberg reported that Forbes was valued at 475 million dollars in the transaction.

4# Stephen Forbes Net Worth Is Estimated To Be 430 Million Dollars: 

Malcolm Stephenson or SteveForbes grandson of Forbes founder BC is the current editor-in-chief we were able to bring you this figure because it’s a widely agreed estimate amongst those who focus on bringing us this kind of news try to find information on the income and financial performance of Forbes LLC. 

However and that is seemingly kept close to the owner’s chest what we can tell you is that the documents for the sale of Forbes magazine – I am indicated an income of 15 million dollars per year and with the magazine website apps and other services it becomes more like 70to 80 million dollars a year.

5# The World’s Youngest Billionaire According To Forbes 19 Year Old: 

Alexandra Anderson is the world’s single youngest billionaire with a family fortune built on tobacco Alexandra’spersonal stake is estimated to be in the region of 1.2 billion dollars and her older sister Katharina is also the world’s second going.

6# 70% Of Forbes Income Is From Digital: 

Platforms in 2010 the Forbes website received 12 million visitors a month by 2015 this had increased to 36million with 18 million of those accessing the content via mobile devices large Callard chief revenue officer of Forbes media attributes this to a change in the traditional magazine setup – a contributor model the main contributors to Forbes are an army of some 2,500 freelance writers around the world whose income is generated by the volume of visitors to their pages some contributors have earned more than $100,000.

7# Forbes Introduced Ad Blockers And Lost Readers: 

One of the biggest issues for online publishers is the provision of free information as a result of this according to the stack who are quoting statistics from Alexa Forbes saw a 27%increase in people leaving the website

8# Forbes Has Been Accused Of Inciting Kidnap Attempt: 

The business world was somewhat shocked when notorious Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was included in the Forbes international billionaires list the magazine estimated his fortune from his involvement of the meta-gene cartels at least 3 billion dollars it was, therefore, less of a surprise when the 2011 list of the world’s most powerful people included Joaquin Guzmanloretto aka El Chapo or shorty another drug lord the write-up cited el chapoCEO of a Sinaloa cartel was more powerful than Escobar has been this caused consternation to the lateEscobar’s son who despite his personality-drug trafficking stance defended his father refuting the valuations and assessments Forbes had applied to bothLouetta and Escobar furthermore accused Forbes was being responsible for the numerous blackmailing and kidnap attempt on the Escobar family thanks to the magazine leading the world into believing the Escobar’s had three billion dollars

9# A Forbes Reporter Verified The Steven Glass Journalistic Fraud: 

These days fake news has become a buzzword but it isn’t just a concern for the early decades of the21st century back in 1998Adam Penenberg one of Forbes digital reporters investigating why Forbes was being scooped on some of the major breaking storeys followed up on various suspicions and proved that Stephen glass an associate editor at the New Republic magazine was baking stories when Charles Lane the final editor of The New Republicinvestigated he found that 27 of the 41articles class had written contained fraudulent material needless to say glasses journalistic career came to an abrupt end

10# The Forbes Travel Guide Began In 2009: 

Forbes continued its quest for domination in all market areas when it began the Forbes Travel Guide in 2009 initially dabbling with providing guides for locations within the United States and Canada way back in 1958 as the company expanded and travel became more accessible around the globe Forbesstarted a dedicated number of volumes that listed the best places to stay in countries all over the world their famous five-star rating system has become regarded as one of the most trustworthy hotel review systems of its in many of the destinations included in the Forbes Travel Guide over the years have also been featured.

11# Forbes Enjoys A Healthy Rivalry With Bloomberg: 

Both Giants of the business publishing world produce lists of the rich and powerful and they are also net loggerheads in their valuations both claiming to be the most accurate when they publish the net worth of the world’s billionaires the reading public. 

However, can only choose their favourite based on our instincts and belief and trust in the brand both publications have to use systems to estimate net worth because the individuals on the list do not open their private books or account for financial journalists to scrutinize

12# Is there An Unspoken Feud Among The Grand American Dynasties: 

The names Rockefeller and Rothschild are synonymous with wealth the Rockefellers are probably among the first names many think of when asked to name an American billionaire yet nonmember of the Rockefeller family is mentioned in the top echelon of the Forbes billionaire list this is despite the accepted estimate of the family fortune being eleven billion dollars the Rothschilds are also omitted from the list and inability to estimate the fortune or a dynastic

13# The Accolade Of Being The Richest Person In The World Is A Very Exclusive List: 

In the past 30 years according to form only five people have been rich enough to hold the title of the world’s richest individuals these are Warren Buffett Carlos Slim Yoshiaki Tsutsumi PAC Ichiro Mori and of course, one Mr Bill Gates who is now been the richest man in the world for 17 of the past 22 years with a personal fortune of approximately 76 billion dollars we can see em being pushed out of that particular inner circle anytime soon.

14# Forbes Has Dedicated Websites For 17 Countries: 

And those countries do Forbes have a dedicated website in your country what do you think about the brand.

15# Do You Know Who Was On The Most Iconic Forbes Front Cover: 

A whole host of different figures from the world of show business and Finance have graced the cover of Forbes over the years but according to rancour calm, the most iconic of all was the cover of the August 6 2001 issue that featured the Princess of Pop Britney Spears not only a musical superstar at that point Britney was also making waves in the business world thanks to her wildly successful partnership with sneaker manufacturers.

Skechers this cover displays the exact mixture of business and personalities that BC Forbes himself was commended for all those years ago and that’s it our insight into the world of digital publications have come to an end we hope you enjoyed the revelations and we’d now like to ask you if you read for maybe you prefer to receive your news about the world’s movers and shakers at another source.

Here’s one more final fact about four who’s right for or trump throughout his campaign and in the early stages of his presidency Donald Trump has not enjoyed the best relations with certain areas of the American press and Forbes didn’t get away unscathed in an interview with CNBC Donald Trump berated the magazine for underestimating his net worth Trump claims he’s worth 10 billion dollars but the Forbes analysis put his fortunes closer to 4.5 billion thank you for spending some time with USA Luxor’s.

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